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Terms and conditions

SOAS Pte. Ltd. can change these Terms and conditions at any time at its discretion.

These Terms and conditions were published on 19.01.2022

By paying for our services or submitting the order, you unconditionally agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. All fees and charges for the SOAS services do not include ancillary & reimbursement charges such as those for courier services, travel costs to clients’ offices and government charges, penalties & fines.
  2. The fees and charges are subject to annual review and CLIENT will be notified of the changes.
  3. A new service contract is to be created & signed for services to be changed or new services added.
  4. CLIENT agrees to pay immediately in full when billed. Payment(s) are to be made by cheque payable to ‘SOAS Pte. Ltd.’, by bank transfer(s) to account 1049007863 at DBS Bank, by Interbank GIRO or by Visa/Mastercard/PayNow. CLIENT has to pay for charges imposed by banks for remittances, dishonoured cheques, etc. 
  5. CLIENT to appoint SOAS as the Registered Filing Agent (RFA) with ACRA when taking up company secretary appointment and RORC services. SOAS must be informed immediately for any changes to RORC to ensure that the lodgement to ACRA could be done within 2 business days.
  6. This Contract can be terminated by either party with a 30-day advanced notice. CLIENT will be charged for the services due to any shortfall in the notice period. CLIENT will also have to pay for any work/services that have been performed. There is an administrative fee of $100 when the company secretary appointment service is terminated by the CLIENT.
  7. SOAS’s liability shall be limited to no more than the individual respective fee(s) & charge(s) of the related service(s) under the Contract.
  8. For Corporate Secretarial Services
  9. SOAS has the right to terminate the Contract, should the company is in non-compliant with the Companies Act, Income Tax Act and/or Singapore Law or in default of payment for SOAS services rendered. Under such circumstances, SOAS will proceed to terminate the requisite services as well as the resignation of SOAS personnel as director and/or secretary of the company. CLIENT agrees to appoint immediately alternate person(s) as replacement(s) so as to be in compliance with the Companies Act Cap 50. Should there be inaction within a month on the part of the CLIENT, actions will be undertaken to have the Company struck off from ACRA register. The security deposit will be used to settle SOAS fees and costs for the closure of Company. Also the director(s) and /or shareholder(s) of the Company would not take any actions against SOAS for whatever reason(s).
  10. For the directorship appointment services with SOAS, SOAS has to be engaged for accounting & compliance services of the company. The accounting should be done either monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on volume of business transactions. The CLIENT should also grant SOAS the read access to the corporate bank account.
  11. For Accounting and Compliances Services Deliverables
  12. CLIENT agrees to forward to SOAS all business transaction documents in a timely manner after the company’s financial year end and SOAS endeavours to complete the accounts, reports & tax soonest for meeting regulatory compliant deadlines of ACRA and IRAS.
  13. All transaction documents should be properly filed for bookkeeping/accounting. All queries and information raised by SOAS should be attended to and reverted promptly.
  14. Should the documents be not properly filed or incomplete, additional charges will be imposed for the additional work based on hourly charge.
  15. Should the data entries be too voluminous and involving small values, additional charges will be imposed after consultation with the CLIENT.
  16. For Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  17. CLIENT consents the collection and use of personal data (i.e. name, contact numbers, mailing and email addresses) of its director(s) and member(s) by SOAS and affiliated organisations where necessary for contacting them regarding SOAS & its affiliated organisations activities (i.e. events, seminars, workshops, conferences and training programmes). SOAS assures that such data will be kept securely according to PDPA.
  18. On taking up the Contract with SOAS, CLIENT agrees not to withdraw its consent to SOAS in respect of receiving telephone calls and/or SMS, or else SOAS will not be able to fulfil its obligation for the service deliverable commitments and the Contract will have to be terminated.
  19. SOAS would ensure that all documents and information provided by CLIENT are treated as strictly confidential.
  20. The contents and terms and conditions of the Contract are to be treated as strictly confidential and either party agrees not to disclose them to any third party whosoever & whatsoever.
  21. The Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Singapore.