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Automa8e is a Singapore-based software company specialising in providing businesses with intelligent AI solutions. Automa8e helps business to automate their accounting operations thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs

The partnership between the two companies focuses on providing the best solutions and benefits to their customers

Explore Automa8e’s Accounting Solutions for SMEs


Get a comprehensive overview of your business with Automa8e’s dashboard. Your employees will only see the relevant reports according to their roles.


Your customers and suppliers are now in one place with no duplicates. Any business can have multiple contact persons and shipping addresses, and navigate between them easily.

Products and Services

Set up products and services that you purchase and sell, and specify their standard costs and prices. Automa8e will convert them to the currency of your bill or sales invoice for you.

Sales and Collections

Issue sales invoices and record collections in any currency. Automa8e will make it easy for you to track all receivables in the dashboard. Forecast collections to better manage your cash funds.

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Business Management Solutions

Automated Sales and Collections

Automa8e consolidates the sales and collections process, from invoices to collections and reconciling accounts. It provides real-time visibility into accounts receivable data and supports multi-currency transactions while simplifying settlement and reconciliation processes

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Automated Bills and Payments - automa8e

Automated Bills and Payments

Automa8e simplifies the accounts payable process, and enables businesses to manage billing and payment cycles efficiently. It checks and rejects duplicate bills, processes payments digitally and provides real-time visibility into accounts payable positions

Automated Claims and Payments

A solution that streamlines the expense claims process whereby claimants submit expense receipts digitally, and get notified when claims are approved and paid. Automa8e checks and rejects duplicate claims, while extracting the data directly from expense receipts

Automated Claims and Payments
Automated Banking Solution

Automated Banking Solution

With our automated multicurrency banking solution, you can easily manage all your funds in one place. Our easy-to-use exchange rate conversions make it simple to keep track of your balances and transactions, no matter what currency you’re dealing with

Operations Reports

We developed a comprehensive suite of operations reports designed to help owners manage their businesses more effectively. Our reports provide critical insights into key performance indicators, enabling owners to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Accounting Reports

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